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Vantage Citroën is proud to represent the Citroën brand at our dealership located in Blackpool. We believe that our duty to the customer does not end once a vehicle has been purchased, and we offer a wide range of service and maintenance options that are specific to you and your Citroën. Operating from a state-of-the-art workshop, our technicians are fully accredited and manufacturer trained, giving you the peace of mind that your car will be serviced to the full Citroën manufacturer standards.

Undergoing servicing with Vantage offers you many benefits as a Citroën vehicle owner. Our promise to you doesn't end with your vehicle purchase; we will maintain your vehicle for the full duration of its life to make sure that you are able to draw out its full potential. As well as keeping your Citroën in its best condition, keeping your vehicle serviced regularly ensures that it is safe to drive and protects its resale value should you ever wish to sell it.

Our teams are fully trained in the care and operation of Citroën vehicles, and are able to find and identify signs of problems that may not be obvious just by operating the vehicle. Booking a service with us will make sure that you are not taken by surprise by any hard-to-detect problems. During our servicing procedures, we only use authentic Citroën parts and accessories. This ensures that all parts used are guaranteed to work specifically for your vehicle and effortlessly meet the high standards upon which Citroën insists, thus protecting your vehicle warranty.

If you would like more information regarding our service and maintenance options, and how they could benefit you and your vehicle, please contact Vantage Citroën in Blackpool.