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New Citroën C5 X Petrol/Plug-in Hybrid
ELEGANCE AND DYNAMISM New Citroën C5 X, available with petrol and plug-in hybrid engines, will be on sale in the UK in late 2021. This new model delivers surprise and excitement at first sight and is inspired, right to its name by the CXperience Concept car. The C5 X’s bold and unique design immediately identifies it as Citroën's new flagship model. The C5 X has an immediately striking look thanks to its assertive, robust stance, featuring a sleek body style which blurs the line between saloon and estate, also adding in notes inspired by premium SUVs. Emphasis is placed on aerodynamics, meaning the C5 X is as efficient as it is attractive. Its long bonnet, fluid lines, high waistline and distinctive kick above the rear wheels bring distinction and dynamism, as well as providing a strong visual link to Citroen’s rich history of flagship models, including CX. 19-inch wheels add to the increased ground clearance of the vehicle, creating a raised driving position that provides greater visibility and safety. Further exterior highlights for new C5 X include Citroën's new V-shaped light signature at the front and rear, visible both day and night, this advanced system underlines C5 X's unique body style.
New Citroën C5 X Driving Assistance
THE MOST ADVANCED CITROËN EVER MADE The style of the C5 X is the perfect embodiment of Citroën’s philosophy, delivering on board serenity thanks to the Citroën advanced comfort programme, which incorporates cutting edge technology such as Citroën advanced comfort active suspension. When you step inside the cabin of the vehicle, you will notice the interior space is lounge like and the feel of its advanced comfort seats and the meticulous detailed finish make the al new C5 X a pleasure to travel in. C5 X features a range of advanced technologies that help make driving safer and less stressful. Tech includes extended head up display, driving assistance systems that introduce semi-autonomous driving and a new infotainment interface that features a large central 12” high-definition touch screen and natural voice recognition.
Meet the Citroën C5 X
New Citroën C5 X Extended Head Up Display
EXTENDED HEAD UP DISPLAY New Citroën C5 X offers an innovative Extended Head Up Display system that features a large-scale, full colour, projection onto the windscreen.
New Citroën C5 X Boot
DRIVING ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS New C5 X is at the cutting edge of technology in the field of driving assistance systems. With its Highway Driver Assist, C5 X offers the best in semi-autonomous driving. Other features that make driving easier and stress-free include long range Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. Also available is the Top 360 Vision Surround View Camera technology.
New Citroën C5 X Infotainment
MY CITROËN DRIVE PLUS This system has a natural, efficient and easy-to-use voice recognition system, a digital personal assistant that understands what is said to it, answers questions and carries out commands.

Citroën C5 X makes driving simple, dynamic and serene thanks to an extensive list of features, each powertrain is both flexible and efficient, making this model a prime example of an all-rounder

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