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The All New C3 is now available at Citroën Blackpool & Morecambe

Introducing the All-New C3

The New C3 has arrived in our showrooms. Taking elements from the C4 Cactus design the C3 has been given the wow factor. Available in a Blue HDi Diesel and Puretech Petrol engine, you receive all the performance benefits alongside an environmentally friendly engines

Interior Transformation

It isn't just the look of the C3 that has undergone a transformation, but it is also packed with all the latest technology such as speed limit recognition, this uses the camera to read the road signs and then displays what the latest speed limit is on your dashboard, just i case you missed it, this can also be used to set the cruise control. There is also a coffee break alert which will give you alert after driving over 40mph for 2 hours that you might want to consider taking a break so that you stay alert at all times.

Air bumps & Colour combinations

A feature that was first introduced on the C4 Cactus, the All-New C3 also has the Citroën Airbump technology. Designed to protect the body work against bumps and scraps from other car doors. This Airbump technology has been adapted in size and design to fit with the rest of the C3 shape, they add splash of colour to the door panels.

Creating a car unique to your style is also possible with the All-New C3, with the opportunity to pick 10 body and 3 roof colours, there are 36 colour combinations to choose from. So there is a colour choice to suit your personality, plus there are also 3 interior colour options.

Interior of the Citroen C3, Black with red highlights
Exterior of the Citroen C3 in white with red roof and black airbumps

Exciting new technology features

Another new feature is Citroën ConnectedCAM, available on the top spec All-New C3. Comprising of a camera fitted behind the rear view mirror, the camera catches everything you can see out of the windscreen, it could be a quick trip around the city or maybe an adventurous road trip. Providing a video log at the end of everything journey, you can take photo stills from this and share any spectacular views you may have experienced

The All-New C3 also contains all the latest technology such as reversing camera, satellite navigation and blind spot monitoring system. Everything you need to make you driving experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the features of the New C3, or the colour combinations that you can choose from. Contact our centres using the button below who will be able to answer your questions.

What the C3 in action

C3 360° View

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Citroen C3
Main vehicle Image
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