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Citroen C5 Aircross SUV
Introducing the C5 Aircross The C5 Aircross SUV is a new take on the classic SUV, with a robust and muscular design complemented by large diameter wheels. The C5 Aircross has a new take on recognisable Citroën characteristics, demonstrated in the Airbump® inspired lower door, wheel arch protectors, roof bars and impressive range of options to personalise your vehicle. The Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme also has a prominent position with the C5 Aircross, making it the most comfortable SUV in the segment, all thanks to two innovative Citroën systems, suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® and Advanced Comfort Seats. Easily adjustable seats make the C5 Aircross the most modular SUV in the segment, also boasting an impressive boot capacity, up to 720 litres, and over 20 driver assistance and connectivity technologies.
Citroen C5 Aircross SUV Front
Expressive Design The C5 Aircross stands out due to its dynamic looks, carefully crafted to be powerful and not aggressive, to bring a breath of fresh air to the SUV segment. The C5 Aircross is characterised by a powerful looking front end, with a high sculpted bonnet and impressive flowing lines carefully placed to empower its strong features such as the Airbump®. In addition, glass around the vehicle continues the impressive dynamic styling, with a panoramic sunroof and a 360 glazed area all the way round the car to create a flowing design. When looking at the vehicle from the rear it is obvious the C5 Aircross has class-leading boot space. When you step inside the cabin, you can instantly see how spacious it really is, incorporating stunning flowing shapes with functional features, including a robust dashboard with a horizontal layout. Once you take a look at the drivers side you can see a desirable digital instrument cluster, with an impressive 12.3-inch screen, which also displays selected driving information right into the driver’s field of vision. The central console is wide and tall, the seats are also set nice and high to give the driver and even the passengers a sense of control over the road.
Citroen C5 Aircross SUV Comfort
Unbeatable Comfort The C5 Aircross is a world exclusive when it comes to comfort with its innovative suspension system. Conventional suspension systems are made with shock absorbers, a spring and a mechanical stop, while the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® system adds two hydraulic stops on either side, to slow down movement to avoid sudden jolts and absorb dips and bumps in the road.
Citroen C5 Aircross SUV Modularity
Impressive Modularity The C5 Aircross stands apart in its segment, with an impressive three full width individual rear seats, to provide as much comfort as in the front. The back seats are adjustable over 150mm, they can slide both back and forward to transform either the cabin or boot space, depending on what you need, the rear seats even fold down to create a perfectly flat floor.
Citroen C5 Aircross SUV Technology
Innovative Technology The C5 Aircross provides passengers with cutting edge systems for continuity between the digital universe and their car, users can adjust the cars settings, control the multimedia system, telephone, air conditioning and navigation systems using the in car infotainment system. The C5 Aircross also features a mirror screen function, Citroën Connect Nav, as an extended offer, the Citroën Connect Box with SOS & assistance included, plus wireless smartphone charging is also available.

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