Citroën Recalls at Vantage

How could a recall affect me?

Every year, almost 1 million vehicles are issued with a recall for a safety check and/or rectification work under the official vehicle safety recall scheme. The Vehicle Safety Branch of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) oversees this scheme, working extremely closely with the vehicle and component manufacturers, as well as the DVLA.

This recall scheme applies to a vast range of vehicles, as well as a wide variety of safety defects which could occur in this vehicles. In recent years, vehicles have been recalled to dealers most often for recalls affecting brakes, airbags, fuel, steering and seat belts.

Unfortunately, the term ‘recall’ often carries a negative connotation, causing you to begin to distrust your vehicles manufacturer. However, here at Vantage Citroën we want to avoid our customers feeling this way. We believe that a recall is our way of showing that we care, by ensuring that your safety and quality expectations of your Citroën are maintained. What’s more, you don’t have to have purchased your Citroën with Vantage for us to carry out any recall work that may be required. No matter where you have purchased your Citroën from, our qualified and experienced technicians are able to carry out any repairs or replacements necessary – all at no cost to yourself!

You can find out a bit more about vehicle recalls below, or alternatively you can contact our friendly teams at Vantage Citroën who will be more than happy to assist.

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Citroen Recalls

So, what is a safety defect?

A safety defect is usually a failure of the vehicle, either due to design or construction, which could have an affect on the safe operation of your Citroëm and pose significant risk to the driver, occupants or other road users.

Often, these defects involve sudden and catastrophic failure with little or no warning to allow the driver to take preventative action. They also can't always be identified by routine maintenance checks or obvious changes to the vehicle's normal performance.

What should I do if I receive a recall notice?

It's extremely important that as a vehicle owner, you ensure your vehicle is maintained so that is both safe and roadworthy. By ignoring a safety recall, there is the chance you could be committing an offence by using a defective vehicle and could also affect any insurance claim you might make.

You need to act promptly so that you don't put yourself, your passengers or other road users at risk. Follow the instructions given to you by Citroën in your recall letter, or contact Vantage Citroën if you need any help.