Finance Leasing

from Vantage Motor Group

The Finance lease is similar to the Contract Hire as it is again a rental option. It is considered to be rental of a car over a fixed period for a fixed fee without transferring of the ownership. There is a difference however there is a balloon held until the end of the agreement which means there can be lower rental payments. During a finance lease the lessee is essentially treated as the owner and is usually responsible for maintaining and insuring the car. The other difference comes on the company's balance sheet as the car will be capitalised on here.

If an outright purchase seems like the right business purchasing option for you then contact your nearest Vantage centre and ask to speak to the Business Centre Manager. You can use our meet the team function to get to know the Manager in your area. Alternatively you can submit an enquiry form online and the your local Business Centre Manager will get back to you shortly.