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Hyundai Recalls - Better Safe Than sorry!

Annually, almost 1 million vehicles are issued with a vehicle recall notice and are returned to dealers to undergo a safety check and/or any rectification work required under the Official Vehicle Safety Recall scheme, overseen by the Vehicle Safety Branch of the DVSA.

Hyundai are constantly monitoring performance and reliability throughout the lifespan of their cars which means that if a fault appears, they are able to recall the car and resolve the problem.

However, at Vantage Hyundai we understand that the term 'recall' may have negative connotations, leading you to distrust the manufacturer of your vehicle. We never want you to feel like you're unable to rely on your Hyundai vehicle, so vehicle recalls are our way of showing that we care, ensuring that any safety and quality expectations you may have are upheld. Additionally, it isn't necessary that you have purchased your vehicle with Vantage to enable us to carry our any rectification work that may be needed! No matter where you have purchased your Hyundai vehicle from, our expertly trained technicians are equipped to implement any repairs or replacements deemed necessary by the DVSA - all at the cost of the manufacturer


A safety defect is a failure due to either design or construction, which is likely to have an affect on safe operation of the vehicle, posing a significant risk to the driver, occupants or other road users.

These defects can often involve sudden and catastrophic failure with little or no warning to enable the driver to take preventative action, and cannot normally be identified by routine maintenance checks or obvious changes to the vehicle’s normal performance.


It's important that you ensure your vehicle is maintained in both a safe and roadworthy condition, so by ignoring a safety recall you could be committing an offence of using a defective vehicle. It may also affect any insurance claim you might make.

It's important to act promptly so that you don't put yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk. Follow the instructions given by Hyundai in the letter, or contact your local Vantage Hyundai if you need any help.

To find out if your vehicle has a recall notice you can either contact Vantage Hyundai directly or use the DVSA search facility.

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