Buy My Car in 2 Simple Steps Simply give your vehicle registration and mileage along with a way to receive your valuation.
Vehicle valuations Here at Vantage Motor Group, we’re dedicated to providing you with the very best in customer service and automotive solutions. This includes offering you accurate and competitive vehicle valuations for any model you may currently own. The process is quick and easy, and you’ll have a valuation in a matter of seconds. Whether you decide to sell to us, part exchange, or use this information to sell privately is entirely up to you. We take pride in giving the most accurate valuations possible, so get started today.
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Get Started... It’s easy to obtain your valuation. Simply enter your vehicle registration number, your postcode and your vehicle’s mileage and receive your free valuation.
Vehicle details
Step 1 Vehicle details Enter your vehicle’s registration number and current mileage.
Contact details
Step 2 Contact details Provide your email address or telephone number for us to get in touch with you.
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Value your Vehicle with Vantage Select

If you’re looking to part with your current vehicle - perhaps in order to raise funds for another model or to part-exchange on one of the used cars we have in stock - we at Vantage Select will be delighted to provide you with a competitive quotation. We’re always looking to add more and more vehicles to our used car lineup, so providing us with details on your current vehicle will enable us to offer an accurate valuation.

Simply enter a few key details regarding your vehicle in the form on this page. We’ll be able to then provide you with an almost instant valuation which you can then accept or go away and sell privately. If you wish to proceed with us, we’ll arrange for a full inspection at a time that is convenient, and manage the purchase process quickly and easily.

Get started with your vehicle valuation by submitting your information below. If you’d prefer to speak to someone direct, you can pick up the phone and liaise with a member of our team now.