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Honda Service Plans from Vantage in Barnsley & Bradford

Save money on scheduled servicing with Vantage Honda, from only £9 a month

Here at Vantage we know that taking care of your Honda with regular servicing is essential to maintaining your vehicle's reliability and driving experience. However, we understand that unforeseen repairs and servicing costs can make keeping your car in it's best condition an unwanted expense.

As a Vantage Honda customer you are eligible for our Vantage Honda Service plan which is tailored to your specific needs and financial requirements. A Honda Service Plan is a pre-paid package that allows you to pay a one-off sum for all your scheduled servicing, taking all the worry and unexpected costs out of looking after your Honda and giving you added peace of mind. No matter the age of your vehicle we have a plan to suit your needs and budget.

What are the benefits?

  • Clearly affordable - A single up-front payment costs less than paying for individual services. Plus you can avoid any future price rises due to inflation.
  • Expertise and quality - Nobody knows Honda cars better than the people who built them. Only Honda-trained technicians will work on your car, using Honda Genuine Parts, to guarantee your Honda stays a Honda. Plus, all work is guaranteed for 12 months.
  • Enhanced resale value - A full Honda service history is often attractive to buyers of used vehicles.

What's the next step?

View our options below and choose your preferred plan duration, from the options available for the age and mileage of your Honda. Let us know which plan you believe is best for you by contacting us over the phone or in person at your local Vantage Honda and our team will sort out the rest. If you need more help deciding which plan is right for you and your vehicle, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Check if your vehicle already has a Service Plan

Honda New Car Fixed Price Servicing Plan

If you have a new Honda that's less than 8 months old, with less than 8,000 miles on the clock, then you'll be eligible for our 5-year Service Plan offer.


With a one-off, advanced payment you can get an inflation proof 5-year plan for:

  • Petrol: £695 (Potential saving of £505*)
  • Diesel: £995 (Potential saving of £435*)


Our new car fixed price service plan covers you for 5 years or 62,500 miles from the vehicles date of first registration (whichever comes first).

During this time you'll be covered for every part of your Honda scheduled servicing (as detailed in your vehicles service book) and this includes the cost of all materials, labour and VAT.


We don't cover the cost of any extra maintenance work or adjustments that aren't part of your service schedule.

Honda Tailored Service Plans

If your Honda is more than 8 months old or has covered more than 8,000 miles, then you'll be eligible for our Honda Tailored Service Plan.


At Vantage Honda, we understand that every vehicle and every driver is different so we believe that our customers will benefit from the opportunity to have a plan that can be specifically tailored to meet their needs and requirements. Our qualified and dedicated technicians are able to work alongside you to ensure you get a comprehensive, yet affordable plan that delivers true peace of mind.


  1. Our manufacturer-trained technicians will give your Honda a Visual Inspection in order to give you the best advice on what level of service is appropriate for your vehicle.
  2. Our technicians will discuss with you exactly how you use your Honda, whether it is for a few short journeys a week or to commute every day to work on the motorway. This will make sure your plan is tailored specifically to your lifestyle.
  3. We will discuss how long you want your plan to last for. Honda service plans are flexible, and it is entirely up to you whether you want a one year plan or a four year plan.
  4. Our technicians will discuss the type of service you want for your vehicle each year and will determine which plan is best for you.
  5. The final decision is ​how you want to pay​, whether it is with a one-off payment or split via monthly direct debit.

To discuss a Honda Tailored Service Plan in more detail, please contact our friendly team at your local Vantage Honda centre. Alternatively, you can use our Live Chat feature or submit an enquiry form and a member of the team will be in contact as soon as possible.

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