Benefits of Electric

You get more from everyday motoring with an electrified vehicle.

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Government incentives – Many low-emission vehicles are eligible for a government grant, and all electric, plug-in hybrid and most hybrid vehicles are fully ULEZ compliant, which means no daily charge if you drive in London.
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Low running costs – Hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars are very efficient; an all-electric car, for instance, is very affordable to run and maintain.
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Environmental benefits – A pure-electric vehicle produces zero harmful emissions, which means it’s very kind to the environment.
Choose your Hybrid or Electric vehicle As partners with some of the leading automotive manufacturers of electrified vehicles, we can offer customers an exceptional range of Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid or Battery Electric Vehicles. From hatchbacks to commercial vans, Vantage can help you find the right option for your driving needs, tastes and budget.

Toyota Hybrid & Electric Range


    Lexus Hybrid & Electric Range

      UX 300e Offering SUV performance on an electrified powertrain, the UX 300e provides all the features of the UX but with reduced emissions. Find out more

      Kia Hybrid & Electric Range


        More About Us and Electric

        To discover how any one of our electrified vehicles could transform your motoring life, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Vantage Motor Group showroom team.


        We’ve included our most frequently asked question below. If your query isn’t covered, please get in touch with us or discover further FAQ's here.

        I’m confused – should I choose a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicle?


        Don’t worry, electrified vehicles and their differences can be quite hard to get your head around. Please contact your local Vantage Motor Group team to receive fully impartial advice; we're here to help you choose your perfect car, no matter what that may be.

        Is electric right for me?


        Only you can truly judge what feels right for you, but our team at more than happy to give impartial advice or answer any questions to give you the information you need. To find out more about how an electric vehicle would fit into your lifestyle, please click here.

        What’s the difference between a hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicle?

        • A hybrid’s electric motor merely assists the combustion engine, providing instant torque, for example. Plug-in hybrids, on the other hand, can run on electric power for several miles.
        • While a hybrid is typically more fuel-efficient than a regular car (and produces fewer emissions), a plug-in hybrid is even more so.
        • Hybrid cars are self-charging whereas plug-in hybrid vehicles require manual charging.

        Where can I charge my electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle?


        Most people charge their vehicle at home or at work via a three-pin socket or dedicated fast-charging wallbox – but there are also several thousand public access points located around the UK, many of which provide rapid-charging capability, providing the opportunity to charge on-the-go or if you don't currently have the facilities to charge at home.

        Are your electrified vehicles ULEZ compliant?


        All of our pure-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are ULEZ friendly, as are the majority of our hybrid cars, which is another way to an electrified vehicle can save you money if you live near or travel to cities like London often.

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