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Lexus Essential Care Service Plans in Birmingham, Leeds & Wolverhampton

Take care of your Lexus

For Lexus vehicles over 5 years old.

Mile upon mile you can depend on your Lexus, but even our high quality vehicles will succumb to wear and tear. While the occasional repair may be nothing to worry about, if you own an older Lexus that is now out of warranty the prospect of unexpected costs could be. Specifically designed for Lexus cars over five years old, the Lexus Essential Care Service Plans gives you that piece of mind.

If your Lexus is over 5 years old, our Lexus Essential Care services offer a reduced cost alternative to other Lexus servicing options, and maintains the safety and road-worthiness of your Lexus vehicle. We are competitively priced, and your car will always be fitted with genuine Lexus parts by our manufacturer-trained technicians.

At Lexus Birmingham, Leeds and Wolverhampton we are committed to helping you maintain you car for as long as you have it. The Essential Care Service Plan offers you a fixed-price solution with the usual excellent quality service with our highly skilled technicians including genuine parts, labour and VAT. Value for money is guaranteed as the plan includes 1 Minor Service, 1 Major Service and two MOT's over two years. With a service plan you can rest assured you are receiving a quality service from Lexus at an inflation-proof price, maintaining your car in excellent condition

Take a look at the costs below and just see how you could benefit from our Essential Care Service Plan. For more information don't hesitate to contact us at your nearest Lexus branch at Birmingham, Leeds or Wolverhampton today.

Model Essential Care Service Plan Monthly Cost Essential Care Minor Service Essential Care Major Service MOT
Lexus CT£22.95 £155 £295 £49
Lexus IS £25.45 £165 £345 £49
Lexus RX 300/350 £27.95 £185 £385 £49
Lexus RX 400/450£31.45 £225 £425 £49
Lexus GS 300 £27.95 £185 £385 £49
All Other Lexus GS£31.45 £225 £425 £49
Lexus LS £32.45 £245 £425
Lexus SC £32.45 £245 £425 £49

The Essential Care Service Plan includes 1x Minor Service, 1x Major Service & 2x MOT plus an option of 2 years for the price of 1 on Roadside Assistance cover.

Plus, add a software update to your service for only £39.95