Lexus Air Conditioning Service

in Leeds & Preston

Stay cool, clean and comfortable

It is a common misconception that we only rely on our Air Conditioning system during the summer months. On average, your vehicle's Air Conditioning system will lose 10% of its gas each year, and if you don't service your Air Conditioning system, it will continue to lose gas and become less efficient, whilst also increasing the fuel consumption of your car*.

When Air Conditioning systems are turned off throughout winter, condensation forms in the pipes of your vehicle's system which, combined with heat from the engine, can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mould spores resulting in sore throats, allergic reactions as well as bad smells in your car. Your windows can also mist up if the filter is blocked as the warm air stream can't circulate properly, causing a driving hazard.

At Lexus, we want to avoid these problems. Our expertly trained technicians will drain and recharge your Air Conditioning system checking the filters, belts and connections to make sure your vehicle's compressor and condenser are in full working order. We will also treat your vehicle's ventilation system with an Air-Conditioning Sanitizer. This is a long-lasting antimicrobial product which eliminates harmful bacteria and bad odours from your Air-Conditioning system.

To keep enjoying the benefits of your Air Conditioning system, it is important to keep it maintained and in good working order.

Right now at Lexus Leeds & Lexus Preston we are offering a full air conditioning regas and cleanse from just £69 for R134a gas or £149 for R1234yf gas. Simply arrange to bring your Lexus in to see our friendly team and we can advise which air conditioning service your vehicle requires. If you would prefer just an anti-bacterial cleanse, this costs just £25.

Why not pop in and see us at Lexus Leeds or Preston or alternatively you can contact us over the phone to arrange an appointment at a time suitable for you.