Mazda Service Plans from Vantage in Oldham​

Servicing your Mazda can seem like an expensive, tiresome process, but at Vantage Mazda Oldham it doesn't have to be that way! A Mazda service plan allows you to spread the cost of scheduled servicing and save money on vehicle maintenance.

Fixed Price Servicing

Mazda’s Fixed Price Servicing Plan provides three years or 37,500 miles (whichever comes sooner) of hassle-free scheduled servicing for as little as £499.

This one-off cost protects you against any future prices rises and ensures that you can get on with enjoying your new car, safe in the knowledge that your servicing costs are taken care of for the next three years.

Pay Monthly Service Plans

As with Fixed Price Servicing, a pay Monthly Service Plan from Vantage Mazda ensures that you’re protected from prices rises and can rest assured that the servicing arrangements for your car will be taken care of as and when needed.

Fixed, affordable monthly payments mean that you can spread the cost of servicing over the period you own your car, helping to avoid unpleasant lump sums further down the road.

Choosing Vantage Mazda Oldham to carry out your services also gives you complete peace of the mind that your car will receive the expert care and support that it needs. With Mazda qualified technicians working at our state-of-the-art service centre, you can be assured that your car is in the best hands. An authorised Mazda dealer stamp in your log book also preserves your car’s resale value

Contact our expert aftersales team at Vantage Mazda today for more information on how servicing can be more affordable with a Mazda service plan.