Meet the Vantage Citroën Team in Blackpool

Centre Principle: Mark Comiskey

Sales Manager: Danny Woolhouse

Danny Woolhouse

Danny Woolhouse, Sales Manager at Citroën Blackpool, first joined the motor industry over 18 years ago after developing a keen interest in cars at a young age. He really enjoys mixing with new people on a day to day basis, so the motor trade seemed a perfect fit for him. For over half his career, Danny has worked for Citroën and really enjoys their quirky, innovative model range as well as their focus on customer service.

In terms of his favourite car, Danny struggles to choose between the All-New C3 and the DS3 because he feels they are totally different to other cars on the market.They both offer the option to be tailored to suit personal preference and Danny really loves this about them.

Although Danny doesn't have a lot of spare time between work and three kids, he really enjoys watching football and playing squash.

Aftersales Manager: Mike Kerry

Business Centre Manager: Martin Farrington

Martin Farrington, Business Centre Manager at Citroën Blackpool, 'fell' into the motor trade years ago while helping a friend buy a car; the sales manager overheard him and consequently offered him a job. Since then he has developed a real passion for the industry as a whole, having worked with some incredible manufacturers and some great people. His love for the job begins with the customers and the ongoing relationships he has with them and he tries to make every day a happy day!

He joined Vantage Citroën in June 2016 after taking an extended break from the trade to travel the world, to write, to explore, but the decision to return wasn’t a tricky one to make. Martin absolutely adores the Citroën range, from the cheeky C1 to the future design classics in DS, and Citroen are a brand he has long admired for their unashamed eccentricity and flair, so he's excited, and honoured, to be a part of their journey.

While there’s not too much free time to be had in this job, Martin likes to cram as much in as possible, from classic car restoration and racing to writing and extreme (ish) sports!