Ace your interview

The Vantage Guide

Going to interview is a lot like taking a journey. To guide you along please see some helpful hints that may help you when coming along to an interview with us.

Preparation is key

You wouldn’t set out on a journey without knowing the destination. You would prepare and plan to ensure you know exactly where you are going. For any role review the job advert, write a list of questions, and practice your answers. Listening to yourself answer these verbally can really help you retain the information. If you can ask someone to read questions out so you are able to practice answering.

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The road to research

In other words get to know us. When inviting you in for an interview we enjoy getting to know you but we also love hearing about what you know about us and why you have applied. Make sure you take some time to us to understand our business and our values. Make sure you look through our website and even on the manufacturer’s website. Some candidates even pop in to visit us for a coffee beforehand to have a look around.

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The 'reccy'

Before setting off to the interview check your route and set off in plenty of time. Some of the roads near our dealerships do get a little busy so please bear this is mind. If you are unsure where we are come visit or have a drive down before your interview to help you find where we are.   On the day arriving early will give you plenty of time to have a look around. Review your appearance – we tend to dress to impress so smart business wear for the interview is the best option.

Personal Brand

Steer us to the right place

We will of course ask questions but we rely on you to sell yourself. Depending on the role we will ask you various competency based questions. For these types of questions we are looking for you to give us examples of different situations you have been involved in. These help us understand how you like to work, what your strengths are and what your potential development areas are. All we would say is be open, honest and show off your skills.

Driven to succeed

Overall whichever role you have applied for in our business we are looking for individuals who can demonstrate their passion to deliver the best customer experience, a strong work ethic and drive to succeed. Feel free to ask us lots of questions, we like inquisitive people.

New to the road? No Automotive experience? No problem...

Whether this is your first job, or you are new to the motor industry, we look to consider

each application on an individual basis. For every role there will be an element of training and development so in most cases having no experience isn’t a problem.

We look forward to hearing from you - Good luck!