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Citroen Motability Cars from Vantage in Morecambe

If you're looking for Citroën Motability vehicles, take a look at the models available at our Morecambe dealership.

A Motability vehicle is a scheme which allows you to become more mobile if you are receiving a certain level of disability allowance, or you are the parent of carer of someone with a disability who is over three years old. A nominated person can also benefit from the Motability scheme if nominated by someone who would otherwise be eligible for the scheme.

A Motability vehicle is available in two leasing options; Contact Hire and Hire Purchase.

Contract Hire

A Contact Hire agreement is a three-year agreement with a mileage limit of 60,000. This is our most popular option as it is a worry-free way to rent your Citroën Motability car, with extra costs such as insurance, road tax and aftersales and servicing also included in the lease.

Hire Purchase

A Hire Purchase agreement is an agreement for a term between two and five years. With no mileage limit attached to this agreement, it gives you more flexibility in your vehicle usage, however you would also be responsible for the extra costs such as the insurance, road tax and servicing of the car.

Eligibility for Citroën Motability

A Motability vehicle can be available for anyone who is receiving Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement.

If you are considering going for the Contract Hire agreement, you must have at least 12 months remaining on your allowance. If you are considering the Hire Purchase agreement, you must ensure that you will be receiving your allowance for the full length of the contract term.

For more information about the Motability scheme, the cars that we have available on the scheme or the Citroën Motability prices, contact our Morecambe dealership and a member of the team would be happy to help.