Motability Car Adaptations

from Vantage Motor Group

We know that some people ordering through the Motability Scheme will need to make a few changes to their car to ensure it’s perfectly suited to their needs. Adaptations are available whether you’re buying your new Motability car from a Vantage Kia, Lexus, Škoda or Toyota franchise. Many of these adaptations won’t cost you anything at all and will be built into the car in the factory. Some additional changes can be made after you take delivery – get in touch and we’ll let you know what can be done.

Broadly speaking, adaptations fall into one of three categories:

Driving- Ease of Use

Modifications to the steering wheel and pedals that make it possible for you to drive if your disability would otherwise prevent this. For example, the accelerator pedal can be moved to your left foot, or the pedals extended to help you reach them. You can also have steering aids and hand controls fitted into your car to help you drive.

Stowage – the Space You Need

If you take your scooter or wheelchair out with you, clever storage is vital to make this an easy process. On the Motability scheme you can have a roof box securely mounted on top of the car or in vehicles with a large enough boot space, an electric hoist can be fitted to make it easy for you to load your scooter without help from others.

Access- Get In and Out Easily

To ensure you maintain independence and always have easy access to your vehicle, a range of adaptions that can be fitted to your vehicle. For example, electric hoists; both electrically powered and manual transfer plates for wheelchair users or the seats themselves can even be switched out for swivel seats, doing much of the turning for you.

Motability Adaptation Videos

Find out more about some of these adaptations with these helpful videos. Each adaptation is designed around you and to help you get on the road.

Electronic Accelerators

These all allow you to control the speed of the car with your hands with various attachments on or near the steering wheel, which can be helpful if you have a loss of mobility or sensitivity in your legs. There are a few different kinds that you can choose from, based on your preference or physical limits.

Remote Control Devices and Hand Controls

Add extra functionality with inbuilt buttons on your steering wheel for the indicators, headlights, an integrated steering ball and more. Hand controls allow you to accelerate and brake with your hands and most people who use hand controls drive an automatic car, leaving just the brake and accelerator pedals to control.

Boost Hoists

Wheelchairs and scooters are heavy, so getting one in or out of a car would be difficult even before taking any physical limitations into account. A boot hoist can make the process much easier for everyone.

Roof storage

These roof boxes sit above you while you drive and can be used to stow your wheelchair as you travel from place to place, leaving the boot free for its original intended purpose. There’s no awkward lifting required – watch the video to see what we mean.

Steering aids

Steering aids like steering wheel balls make it easy to control the steering wheel with a single hand, which can be helpful if you would struggle to grip a standard wheel for any reason. They’re removable, too, so can be detached when someone else is driving the car.​

Transfer plate

Transfer plates bridge the gap between your wheelchair and your car seat. They can be fitted to both the driver and passenger side and can be both manual and automatic.

To discuss adaptations and apply for the Motability Scheme, come to Vantage Motor Group. We provide the new car ranges from Kia, Toyota, Lexus and Škoda. This gives you a wide choice of models on Motability – arrange to test drive one today.

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