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Meet the Toyota Motability Team

Vantage Toyota is one of the UK's leading marque dealership networks for the Japanese manufacturer, with ten separate sites supporting the firm's current customers and potential buyers. Motability customers are particularly well-served at our dealerships, where our dedicated experts can advise eligible members on any aspect of the scheme.

Our Motability specialists are on hand to give informed advice on which of our capable vehicles would be best for you and which accessibility options are available on them. You could find your needs best suited to the Aygo city car, Verso hatchback or RAV4 SUV - whatever your choice, our advisers will make sure the chosen model meets your requirements exactly, and can explain the benefits of the scheme in detail.

From start to finish we'll lead you through the process of finding and funding your car, including ordering it online on your behalf. We can also arrange any adaptations that may be needed to help you drive in complete comfort and safely. What's more, we're always available for aftersales support such as servicing, maintenance and repairs, some of which are covered by the regular monthly payment.

For the support of our professional team, please contact your nearest Vantage Toyota site online, over the phone or in person today.