New Honda CR-V

The worlds most popular SUV. But even better.

New Honda CR-V SUV
The New CR-V. The worlds best selling SUV - but even better... The New CR-V has been redefined, incorporating clear and sharp lines and a newly designed grille, providing a slick and sophisticated appearance. The cars’ profoundness does not stop at the exterior, but carries itself into the interior. Being extravagant and comfortable inside, everyone is provided with a generous amount of legroom; perfect for those long journeys. In the case of excessive baggage, the new CR-V has the capacity to hold it all. Extreme versatility is given in the new CR-V, with the Honda Magic Seat feature allowing you to fold up the back seats when not required, giving you extra boot space. For the first time ever, the CR-V is available as a seven seat model.
New Honda CR-V Design
Performance and Design The New CR-V is not just a pretty face. Aside from the initial attraction that the car gives off, its design incorporates an ability to enhance performance and maximise aerodynamic efficiency. The sculpted bumpers allow for a reduction of air turbulence and the rear spoiler and under floor cover reduces drag – in turn, improving overall fuel efficiency. The car holds a turbocharged engine, meaning the engine requires an outlet, supplied by its triple exhaust. This consists of a smaller pipe surrounded by two larger exhausts. This exceptional trio of tailpipes efficiently processes high revs, illustrating its personality.
THE POWER TO MOVE YOU Enjoy the feel of the drive in the All-New CR-V
New Honda CR-V Boot
Hands free access power to tailgate By passing your foot under the rear bumper, the tailgate will open automatically for those times when you have your hands full.
New Honda CR-V Rear Camera
Angle rear-view camera – The rear-view camera will automatically come to life on the 7” Honda CONNECT screen as soon as the car has been put into reverse gear.
New Honda CR-V Rear
Going green - The Honda CR-V Hybrid Honda Hybrid performance uses Intelligent Multi-Mode drive (i-MMD) technology to transition seamlessly between power sources: -EV Drive, Hybrid Drive, Engine Drive.

The All-New Honda CR-V is also available with exclusive offers for Business Users and on the Motability Scheme.

Motability Offer

Business Offer

New Honda CR-V Side

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