New Honda E

Honda Urban EV 0% Emissions
100% Emotions, 0% Emissions After a highly anticipated wait, it is finally time to meet the New Honda E and what a better way to welcome the new vehicle than with an award. The Honda e-Prototype won the What Car? Reader Award for the most anticipated launch of 2019. Honda have stated that the Honda E is focused on functionality, drawing its design inspiration from the retro-styled concept. The model is supported by a demonstration on the firm plans for the electrification of two-thirds of its range by 2025. With our cities growing and developing based on the environment they thrive in and based around the people in them, Honda decided that it is now time for the car industry to evolve and play its part in the shifting cityscapes. Honda as a brand trusts that the best way to do this is to develop a fully electric car that reflects progressive values.
Honda E Technology
Advanced Technology, Refined Simplicity The full-width, digital dashboard in the Honda E shows how technology can better connect people. Seamless smartphone connectivity, voice-operated systems and all manner of information about the driver’s journey and driving style are available. The humble wing mirror is replaced by the latest, most sophisticated video cameras, which display the surrounding environment in greater detail than any mirror and virtually eliminate the danger of blind spots. They also eliminate drag. Buttons offering shortcuts to popular features are placed on the stylish, two-spoke steering wheel. And did you notice how something’s missing? There’s no gear lever. Instead, buttons for Drive, Reverse and Park are conveniently placed by the driver’s knee.
Honda E Practicality
Practicality While the concept car had two large doors and big wheels, buried within its body close to its shoulder line, the production car will have five doors for practicality, smaller wheels and less exaggerated proportions.
Honda Urban EV Charging
Charge Whenever and Wherever If cars gave us freedom, the latest generation of electric cars like the Honda E present a new type of freedom: to recharge the car’s battery whenever and wherever you like. Using AC, or alternating current, an electric car can be charged at home, using a conventional plug or dedicated charging unit.
Honda E Headlight
Design The circular LED headlights and wing-mounted cameras, which replace conventional wing mirrors, have been plucked from the retro-looking HondanE.
Honda Urban EV Exterior

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