Vantage favourite, Mrs Hartley, appeared on ITV's 100 Year Old Driving School

Did you spot Mrs Hartley in her television debut?

At Vantage, we are always happy to see a familiar face. We love to cultivate long lasting relationships with our customers and enjoy hearing how they are getting on. At Toyota Knaresborough we have a particular favourite in Mrs Hartley. She has been bringing her Toyota Corrolla to our service department for over 15 years, so we are always glad to hear that Mrs Hartley and her beloved Toyota will be paying us a visit. We were particularly excited to hear that Mrs Hartley has been given her chance to shine as she appears on ITV's '100 Year Old Driving School'. All of the participants took part in an assessment overseen by examiners from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

There is always a lively debate when people ask the question of what age we should stop driving at. The DVLA require all drivers over the age of 70 years old to renew their licence in order to continue driving legally. Contrary to popular belief this does not require you to re-take your driving test, you simply have to apply to renew your licence. This should be processed easily and quickly, and should be done every three years thereafter. This gives drivers plenty of opportunity to reassess whether or not they consider themselves fit enough to continue to drive. The key thing here is that it is down to the individual to make this decision for themselves.

We all know that there is no 'one size fits all' in many areas of life and driving is no different. ITV's 100 Year Old Driving School programme shines a light on why it is so important for people to have the freedom to make this decision for themselves. The show highlights the impact that stopping driving can have on the lives of the elderly, and in turn the impact that drivers can have if they continue driving past the point where they can become unsafe. It promises to be an eye opening programme that will ask us all some important questions.

At any age, you are required to notify the DVLA if you develop a medical condition, or an existing medical condition worsens, that could affect your ability to drive. The DVLA does list these but some key ones to be aware of are epilepsy, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, heart conditions and certain eye conditions. All drivers must be able to read a number plate from 20.5 metres away. It is an important responsibility, as a driver, to have regular check-ups with an optician to ensure that your vision is good enough to drive and to keep your prescription up to date.

We loved seeing how Mrs Hartley got on on the programme, we hope you did too! If you missed it you can catch up with it here. We can't wait to see Mrs Hartley back in our showroom soon, we'll be sure to have a cup of tea ready so that she can tell us all about her adventure into TV.