Spring Clean

Book Your Spring Clean.

A spring clean isn't just good for your home, it's great for your car too!

It's the ideal time to get your vehicle ready for any upcoming road trips you may have. This spring, not only will we ensure your car is in tip-top condition but we'll make it sparkle too with a Vantage Spring Clean for only £29.99.

Your Spring Clean includes:

  • Vehicle Health Check which consists of a 36-point inspection
  • Vehicle wash and vac
  • Top-up under-bonnet fluid levels
  • Ventilation system cleanse
  • A video will be completed as part of your health check

What is a ventilation system cleanse?

This treatment destroys any harmful bacteria or mould growing in your ventilation system which can be the cause of illness and unpleasant smells, leaving your car smelling clean and fresh.

Upgrade to a full Air Conditioning Service from £59*

Keeping your air-con system working is essential and after a harsh winter, it's time to make sure your car has the correct heating and cooling performance, we will inspect, clean or replenish the Air Condition refrigerant to maintain interior comfort. We recommended that you have a full air conditioning service on your car every 2 years, as an Air conditioning system will typically lose 10% of its gas each year, which reduces the system's ability to cool the air.

*There are two different types of refrigerant, if your system has R134a gas, the full Air Cond service price is an additional £59, if your system has 1234yf gas the full Air Cond service price is an additional £139.