With the UK braced for the wettest autumn on record, Vantage Kia has revealed their five top tips for wet weather driving to ensure you arrive at your destination safely

Top Five Tips for Wet Weather Driving

1. Reduce your speed – In torrential downpours, it’s crucial that you maintain a steady pace and reduce your speed when necessary

2. Use your lights – When driving in heavy rain, turn on your dipped headlights as this can greatly improve your visibility to other road users and pedestrians

3. Check your windscreen wipers – It’s important to properly maintain the condition of your windscreen wipers, to avoid smearing and poor visibility

4. Test your brakes – After driving through water that’s deep enough to get your brake pads wet, apply the brakes lightly to dry them. Experts advise not to drive through water that is more than 10cm deep in a standard car

5. Maintain a safe distance - It’s important for motorists to allow plenty of stopping distance between cars by increasing the following distance of the vehicle in front of them

“Drivers need to realise it’s imperative to adapt their driving style to the weather conditions,” commented our Centre Principles at Vantage Kia. “Leaving larger gaps between vehicles and driving at an appropriate speed will ensure a safer journey for everyone on the roads.” It is especially important to ensure your service and MOT are up to date with the upcoming weather, Contact Vantage Kia now to ensure your car is in tip top shape for the winter months!