Lancashire Fire and Rescue Visit Toyota Blackburn

Toyota Blackburn Service Manager, John Dickinson, was delighted to welcome a team from the Lancashire Fire and Rescue, led by Chris West, along side the AAA Recovery team into the workshop this week. Toyota trained Master Technicians Ian Butterfield and Stephen Rostron were on hand to talk the guys through some of the basics about Hybrid cars and their engines. They looked at the differences between these cars and the more standard petrol and diesel models, and what the teams may need to know in case of a traffic accident.

The experience was important to John and his team, as well as the whole Vantage family, as we want to ensure as many people are safe when driving as possible but we understand that unfortunately accidents do happen. Our team at Toyota Blackburn know the fantastic work both the Lancashire Fire and Rescue team and the AAA recovery team do and were keen to help them understand how Hybrid vehicles work so they can continue to provide such a valuable service in the area.

John, Ian and Stephen answered questions from the team and gave them practical demonstrations and experience working on one of their Hybrid vehicles. They had a really engaging session where they covered areas including:

  • Powering down Toyota Hybrid systems
  • How to make a Hybrid Engine safe to work on
  • Safe/good Practice When Working with any Hybrid Vehicle
  • Hybrid Component Locations for both Toyota and Lexus
  • Online Technical Resources available

The Blackburn team were pleased that the crew from Lancashire Fire and Rescue and the AAA Recovery Team were really interested and all engaged in a brilliant discussion about Hybrid vehicles.

Service Manager John has already planned further training with the Lancashire Fire and Rescue in the near future including looking at new models when they are released as well as the updated technology from Toyota and Lexus. The Toyota Blackburn workshop will also see the second half of the fire crew join them in the coming weeks to undergo the same training session so that they have all had the full training available. John was extremely impressed with how the day went and believes that the relationship is critical for the local community and the surrounding areas.

"I feel it's very worthwhile. At Vantage Blackburn, we are passionate about Hybrid vehicles and if we get to share our professional knowledge with the Fire and Rescue Service that can only be a massive positive for not just the team but the public within the local community and the rest of the Lancashire area. Vantage have invested so much time into Hybrid training and our technicians feel proud to be able to pass this knowledge on to people who can help others.