Vantage Toyota Morecambe are the first to have Gardx rolled out at the centre​

Toyota Morecambe are happy to say that they've seen their first car leave their centre with the new Gardx treatment on it. Mrs Knowles who collected her brand-new Toyota C-HR from salesman Chris was amazed by the finish on her new car. All of our centres now offer this treatment on both new and used cars, it's a great investment to be able to protect your car in the here and now as well as protecting its future resale value.

So, what is Gardx?

The Gardx Vehicle Protection System is designed to protect your vehicles exterior and interior from harmful pollutants. With modern day paintwork being water based there is a risk of oxidisation and fading from exposure to UV rays, acid rain and more. Although people have traditionally used wax polish to give their vehicles a high shine, this treatment is a lot more advanced than that and doesn't need constant reapplying.

The four-layer transparent Gardx treatment won't 'wash away' in the same way as wax polishes do. Your paintwork has lots of imperfections that attract pollutants and over time lead to a degradation in the finish of the paint, Gardx is a durable sealant that fills in the imperfections in the paint, creating a smooth, incredibly glossy finish that protects your vehicle.

Gardx has been proven in some of the worlds harshest environments and will make it possible to keep that 'showroom shine' without all the hard work of waxing your vehicle.

In terms of the interior of your vehicle, the 'Stain Guard' applied coats each fibre of your cars fabric meaning that any spillages will either wipe straight off or go straight through the fabric without leaving a mark.

We're really pleased to be able to offer this product in our centres and can't wait to see what you all think of it. We hope they'll all look as great as Mrs Knowles Toyota C-HR.