Introducing the All-New Lexus LBX.

The All-New LBX is an extraordinary car, with a myriad of features to discover. Discover the new generation, self-charging hybrid powertrain, refreshing yet luxurious design, safety and multimedia technology, and more.

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Built for European customers, the LBX encapsulates the Omotenashi philosophy that delivers a simple car that fits seamlessly into everyday life but with a refined attention to detail that delivers the essence of luxury in each drive.

Making luxury personal with a choice of four different “Atmospheres” each offering a unique flare to the interior of the LBX regardless of grade. The relaxed body breaks 10 years of design president with a reconfiguration of the iconic Lexus spindle grill and deep lustre Sonic finishes highlight the dynamic lines of the bodywork- creating a strong stance on the road.

A transformative step for the brand into a more dynamic direction. As the smallest Lexus yet, the LBX offers a lightweight 1.5l cylinder engine and an improved self-charging hybrid system which delivers a responsive yet flawless drive. Built on a variation of the GA-B small car global architecture platform Takumi craftsmanship has transformed this base to deliver a low centre of gravity, rigid body and wide track- creating true connectivity between car and driver.

Chief Engineer Kunihiko Endoh comments: “Our aim was to challenge the conventional concept of a luxury car. We have thoroughly pursued a driving experience that enables a natural dialogue between the driver and their vehicle and a design that has a refined presence.”