Reasons To Love Hybrid this Valentine's Day

What's all the fuss about?

Hybrids are becoming more and more popular as people try to find ways to reduce their carbon footprints and sustain a greener lifestyle.

Each hybrid vehicle has very different selling points, based on cost, fuel, maintenance and size.

Each of our manufacturers have hybrid engines available in most of their models. In particular Toyota and Lexus are really commiting to greener technologies with Carbon dioxide emissions from Toyota passenger cars falling to a record low in 2017.

It seems that all of our manufacturers are making great steps to ensure a greener future with some amazing hybrid and electric vehicles on offer on the market already.

Below are some of the advantages to owning a hybrid car:

  1. "Self-charging” batteries mean that your car will recharges itself whilst moving
  2. A hybrid battery continuously tops up their power up and then use it to power the electric engine which saves on fuel costs
  3. Maintenance costs for a hybrid engine tend to be no more than petrol engines
  4. Toyota aim to recycle over 50% of every hybrid battery
  5. Hybrid cars switch to their electric motor in heavy traffic or built up areas which can reduce pollution levels and uses no fuel
  6. Smooth stress-free driving
  7. Hybrid cars will not have any T-Charges (Toxicity charges) like their petrol or diesel counterparts
  8. Better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions reduce your carbon imprint on the environment and dependence on fossil fuels
  9. You won't have to top up your petrol as often as a conventional engine
  10. Hybrids can suit everyone and can be used everywhere from cities to countryside adventures
  11. Hybrid vehicles are built from light materials which means that less energy is required to make it run
  12. The cars would have a high resale value