The Toyota Corolla is coming back to the UK and we are so excited. Having sold over 44 million cars since its launch back in 1997, the Corolla remains the best-selling model in the automotive industry with a globally recognised name. Essentially, this reputation has derived from the cars reliability and dependability.

A bold new look and design is only the beginning of the renovation of the strong vehicle that we all know and love. Strengthening its identity as a car which offers a rewarding driving experience, the All New Corolla has adopted the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) presenting a more rigid body shell through the use of high strength steel as reinforcement in key areas. As well as this, Corolla will benefit from the latest Hybrid Technology. With new features and details, the reliability of the All New Corolla will only be strengthened.

The Toyota Corolla can be recognised as the boldest and most dynamic hatchback on the market without compromising interior usability. The secret behind the longevity of the Toyota Corolla stems from the fact that the Japanese manufacturing company has been creating cars ever since 1993. With decades of experience, Toyota have produced cars that are built to last almost a life time.

The design of the Toyota Corolla is the forefront of its dependability. Toyota builds it vehicles from the inside out, with its main focus being on building a durable foundation. With more parts and features being adding into more modern and new cars, it only leaves room for more things to go wrong. However, having taken this into consideration and in an attempt to abide by simplicity, Toyota take a more conservative approach when it comes to designing their cars.

With a recognised title of the Worlds Best Selling Car, it only seems appropriate for it to make a return to the UK roads. The Corolla has been lauded with legendary status.​

Toyota Leeds are honouring the heritage of the Corolla in a very special way

Vantage Toyota Leeds are so utterly impressed with the Toyota Corolla, that they have invested a substantial amount of time and resources into renovating one of Toyota’s very first Corolla models, the Corolla G6 - a sports model with 6 gears.

The pictures shown below showcase the exciting and lengthy process that is underway.

Keep your eyes peeled for frequent updates on the progress of our refurbished 1998 Corolla.







The Toyota Corolla G6 alongside the All New Toyota Corolla

The freshly restored Toyota Corolla G6 alongside the All New Toyota Corolla showcases the longevity and excellence of the worlds best selling vehicle. A huge thank you to Steve Rowbotham and the team at Vantage Toyota Leeds for the spectacular idea and for putting so much time and effort into the renovation of this Corolla G6.

If you would like to have a closer look and find out more about both of these fantastic cars or would simply like to test drive the All New Toyota Corolla, visit it us at Vantage Toyota Leeds. We look forward to seeing you!