Why Checking Your Tyre Pressure in Winter is Important, from Vantage Motor Group

As temperature drops this winter there are many ways to keep your car in good condition over winter, including topping up on screen wash, investing in winter tyres and regularly checking your oil levels.

Often overlooked at this time of year, is the danger of low tyre pressure. Experts estimate that every 10 degrees drop in weather can cause tyre pressure can drop by 1-2 PSI. If your tyre pressure drops most vehicles manufactured after 2015 will display a warning system to let you know your tyres need to be checked. At Vantage we offer a Winter Check, which includes everything you need to prepare your car for safe travels in the winter months ahead for just £24.99.

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How will low tyre pressure affect my driving?

Low pressure can affect your ability to drive in icy and slippery conditions by affecting your tyre’s ability to properly grip and create traction on the roads.

What are the benefits of maintaining correct tyre pressure?

Decreasing wear and tear, increasing the longevity of your tyres.

Reducing C02 emissions, which in turn reduces running costs.

Can anything else cause low tyre pressure?

There are many things that can cause low tyre pressure at any time of the year; issues with a tyre’s integrity caused by age or damage to the inner tyre wall (from objects such as nails or glass in the road).

If you own a Toyota or Lexus free puncture repair comes as part of the manufacturer's promise, so never hesitate to bring your car to us and we will get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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When should I take my car into the garage?

If the pressure in your tyres drops by more than 4 PSI or your tyres keep consistently losing pressure after you reinflate them, you need to take your car to the local Vantage Motor Group Centre to get it checked.

To check your tyre pressure is at the correct level at home, refer to your manufacturer's handbook or the information label, which can typically be found in your door aperture or the glove box. This should tell you about the correct pressure for your tyres and you can adjust the air in each of your tyres accordingly at your local petrol station.

To ensure you get alerted about any future drops in pressure you will need to reset your TPMS Sensor. Simply turn the ignition on, then press and hold the TPMS button. The warning light will flash a couple of times and then extinguish, and the system has now been reset. If you have a digital display screen, find setting and follow the instructions to reset the TPMS Sensor or refer to your manufacturer handbook/website.

How can I prevent my tyre pressure from getting too low?

Doing a monthly check of your tyre pressure either at home or at a local petrol station is one of the easiest ways to ensure your tyres don’t fall outside of the recommended pressure levels.

Make sure you are also checking the tread levels on your tyres and replacing them as recommended by your service provider. Old or worn-out tyres are very dangerous in winter, our Winter Check will ensure your tyres are in good condition to face harsh weather this winter.

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