Say 'Hello' to a fresh looking Vantage Motor Group

New year, new branding, same great service

We're heading into 2022 feeling completely refreshed! We have a new colour scheme, a new logo, and a new strapline. We worked with our teams across the business to get their feedback on what they liked the most and we're very happy with the result. We hope you all agree with their choices.

We didn't just want to create a new logo and have a quick colour change. This re-brand goes a lot deeper. We've worked really hard to create new core values that we know our teams are going to embrace and integrate into every part of our business.

Aside from letting our customers know what they can expect from our teams our core values give existing and new team members a code to work by. This ensures that we all have a clear vision of what is expected of us allowing us to drive forward together, building a stronger business and a solid reputation for excellent customer service.

Our Core Values

Work Together

Inclusivity and respect are at the core of our one team philosophy. We embrace diversity and believe free-flowing communication breaks down barriers to success. We expect cooperation between our teams regardless of brand, department or job role.

Be Better

We must adapt and adopt new ideas to drive progress. In challenging ourselves we pave the way for innovation and learning. We try to be better every day, even in the smallest ways, to improve the customer experience at every opportunity.

Do What's Right​

If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. We have a responsibility to our customers and to each other, to be honest and professional, and to honour our commitments. Because at Vantage, there is no other way.

rebrand generic happy

See It Through

We ensure the right training and tools are in place for our teams to excel. In return, our team take ownership of the whole customer experience, following our processes to keep our customers safe and happy. When we say we are going to do something, we see it through and finish what we started.

Take Pride

No task is too small to take pride in. We take pride in our work and development, in representing our brand partners, and delivering an exceptional customer experience. We are proud to be Team Vantage.

What's next?​

Over the next year, you should be able to spot our new branding coming through across the business in new uniforms, a new look website, new social media branding, and more. We want to reassure you that whilst we have a new look you can expect the same exceptional service from our teams. We can't wait to get 2022 started with a refreshed drive and a coherent vision of where we are headed.

Thank you for joining us on this new Vantage journey, we truly are...

With You All The Way