Prepare for Winter with Vantage

At this time of year snow, ice and wet roads can make driving dangerous and when temperatures start dropping below 7°C you should make sure you car is equipped to deal with the harsher weather conditions. It is important to make sure that your equipped with de-icer and a scraper to ensure that you have maximum visibility possible.

It's also sensible to carry warm clothes or a blanket in your vehicle in case you encounter difficulties.Winter tyres can offer a higher degree of safety, you’ll find a benefit in shorter stopping distances and better grip.

Winter tyres are designed to maintain suppleness in colder temperatures and maximise traction with their deeper tread grooves and jagged slits, otherwise known as sipes.Winter tyres also wear less in cold conditions than your normal summer tyres so buying a new set could be a wise investment, keeping you on course for safer, more enjoyable cold-weather driving.

TIP: Investing in winter weather tyres and alternating between them and your standard tyres can increase the lifespan of both sets and save money by requiring replacements less frequently.

Price Match Guarantee: Vantage will price match any like-for-like tyre quote.