Your in the Best Hands

At Vantage Motor Group, we have a passion to please our customers. Therefore whether you are a new or a returning customer we will ensure we get you the very best offers every time, so it suits your individual needs and budget.

Previous customers of Vantage Citroen Morecambe, Stewart and Susan, spoke to one of our Sales Team Members, Declan Wilding as they came to the end of their previous Personal Contract Purchase contract. The couple spoke with Declan on several occasion about what their next option could be as they would not have the same amount of deposit for a new vehicle this time round but loved everything about their current DS3 d-style. Declan was keen to help find something which would work for them and help Stewart and Susan switch to a brand new DS3 d-style+ 110 Pure tech, the newer model which is more refined, has better fuel economy and has slightly more power.

Declan and the team at Citroen Morecambe were keen to give their loyal customers exactly what they wanted. They worked on preparing an offer which they hoped Stewart and Susan would be happy with and managed to pull together a deal where the couple's monthly payments didn't increase.

“Stewart called me several times after we agreed on a deal just to double check he hadn't mis-understood as it just seem too good to be true. It just shows what we can do and how we can help you finance the car you want and ensure it fits your budget."

We are pleased to report that both Stewart and Susan enjoyed their buying experience in the new centre on White Lund Industrial estate, saying they were impressed by the how clean and modern the interior was at the newly refurbished Vantage dealership, even commenting on its similarities to a recent visit they had to a Porsche showroom!

If you are wondering how much it would take to get your next car call us today and see how we can help.