Customer Reviews

Today’s drivers expect a high standard of care when they visit a retailer. At Vantage Motor Group, we know that our customers have done their research online before coming to us, and we therefore tailor our service to ensure you receive everything you need for a great experience. Whether you have dozens of questions or wish to be left to browse at your leisure, our staff work hard to deliver the care you want and expect. After all, it’s the loyalty of our customers that has brought us to where we are today.

Whether you are visiting us to buy a brand new model, discuss Motability options, or have your existing vehicle serviced, we aim to offer a warm welcome and impartial advice. From your first visit to your twenty-first, our talented staff do their utmost to ensure you drive away with a smile.

As such, receiving feedback from our customers is a great way for us to see what we’re getting right and where we could improve. Here at Vantage Motor Group we use JudgeService, a third-party survey specialist who will send you a request for a review once you have visited us. This is your opportunity to provide honest feedback about your experience and ensure you receive the kind of service you expect. You can provide your comments by email, text, post or speak to a member of their team over the phone.

JudgeService then sends us your feedback so we can address any negative points and continue to uphold the positive aspects of our offering.

You can view the comments that recent customers have made below, which we hope will help you to decide whether the experience we offer is right for you. Alternatively, you can visit our Facebook page to see reviews or leave your own. We look forward to receiving your feedback.