Service Plans

in the Midlands, Lancashire & Yorkshire

Save money on scheduled servicing, from only £11 per month!

Why should you get a Vantage Service Plan?

  • You can make monthly payments, making it easier for you to budget for your vehicles care
  • Fixed payments mean that you can beat inflation as the price will be fixed for 5 years
  • Having a dealer service history helps to keep the value of your car
  • Courtesy cars are available free and your insurance will be covered
  • Free collection and delivery service available in most areas
  • A variety of payment options available
  • Qualified, experienced technicians with full manufacturer training
  • Genuine manufacturer specific parts for your vehicle
  • Protect your warrantee. Maintain your warrantee by having your car serviced by an authorised dealer.
Service Plans
Car Service Plans
Car Servicing

What happens if I change my car?

If you decide to change your car then any money left in your service plan fund, after any work already carried out, can be transferred to your new car at no extra cost to you.

What if I decide to cancel my service plan?

If, for whatever reason, you decide that your Vantage Service Plan is no longer needed you can cancel this at any time for a small fee of £20. You will then receive a refund for the credit left on your service plan minus the cost of work already carried out on your car.

How do I start my service plan with Vantage?

You can take a service plan out with Vantage at any time, helping ensure that your car is in safe hands. To start putting plans in place to look after the health of your car you can use our handy online tool to get a personalised quote for your vehicle. Once you're happy with this you can contact any one of our centres who will organise your plan for you, then you will be all good to go!