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Citroën Fixed Price Servicing

from Vantage in Blackpool and Morecambe

Available for vehicles 3 years+

At Vantage Citroën we understand that servicing your vehicle can often be an unwanted additional cost. That's why, at Vantage Citroën our aim is to offer our expert servicing without the price tag.

If your Citroën vehicle is over 3 years old, you have the option of choosing Citroën Fixed Price Servicing. We offer two different levels of Fixed Price Servicing to ensure that no matter what you and your Citroën may require, we have something on offer to suit you. For a set price, we will carry out a set list of operations on your Citroën. Plus, you still get the benefit of an official Citroën dealer, including highly manufacturer-trained technicians.

You can view our Citroën Fixed Price Servicing costs below:

Citroen Fixed Price Servicing

Should I choose Essentials or Originals?

  • Essentials servicing uses approved parts as a more cost effective solution for older vehicles. These parts are available for other makes of vehicle too, still fitted by our experts.
  • Originals servicing uses only original equipment parts that are specifically designed for your Citroën vehicle. They are engineered to work together perfectly, delivering greater durability and optimum performance.

Interim or Full - which one is for me?

Full explanations of what is included for each of our Service options is available to view if you click here.