Citroën Interim and Full Service | Blackpool, Lancashire | Vantage Citroen

Interim and Full Service - What's included?

Interim Full
Check for any outstanding manufacturer technical updates x x
Replace engine oil and engine oil filter x x
Replace diesel fuel filter element* x
Replace air filter element* x
Replace spark plugs* x
Replace gearbox oil* x
Battery and coolant level check and top up x x
Front / rear screen wash x x
Power steering fluid x x
Brake fluid check x x
Brake pad and disc wear x x
Hub, rod, ball joint clearance check x
Dampers sealing check x x
Brake calipers and hoses check x x
Sleeve check (drive shafts, ball joints, steering rack) x x
Brake hydraulics x x
Lights, lighting and signalling operation check x x
Rubber boots & gaiters x x
Tyres (Front & rear treat depth & pressure) x x
Brake, clutch, handbrake, parking brake check x x
Horn check x x
Rear brake lining wear x
Valve clearance x
Radiator hoses check x x
Ancillary drive belts condition check x x
Shock absorbers x
Pipes and housing sealing and condition check x x
Steering circuit sealing check x x
Power steering and hoses x
Wheel bearings x
Front & rear suspension x
Steering control & mechanism x
Transmission shafts x
Anti-pollution (petrol engine) x x
Smoke opacity check (diesel engines) x x
Pollen filter check x x
Visual inspection of exhaust system x x
Clutch travel check and adjustment x x
Condition and tension of ancillary drive belts x x
Wiper blades condition and operation check x x
Windscreen washer jets x x
External bodywork x x