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Hyundai Interim Oil and Filter Change Starting from just £69

Does your vehicle do lots of short, urban drives? Or maybe your vehicle has a very high mileage each month?

If your answer was yes to either of those questions, then our Hyundai Interim Oil and Filter change is exactly what you and your vehicle need!

Starting from just £69, an Interim Oil and Filter change is usually completed every 12 months (or every 10,000 miles*) in order to help to keep your vehicle safe and roadworthy in between your usual full vehicle service.

Plus, get a Free Health Check and a Free Wash and Vac when your vehicle visits our Hyundai workshop!

Why should you check your Hyundai's oil?

Approximately 1 in 4 cars are low on oil, which is why it is essential to check your vehicle's oil level. At Vantage Hyundai, we know we're all guilty of not checking our oil as often as necessary or leaving it until the vehicle warning lights appear and the oil level is already too low!

Having the correct level of oil in your vehicle is important because it lubricates the moving parts of your Hyundai's engine, maintaining the health of your vehicle; increasing the engine life, aiding fuel efficiency and allows you to get the maximum power and performance from your vehicle.

If you don't check the oil level of your vehicle, metal on metal friction in your engine may cause long-lasting damage which may cost a lot to fix.

Why should you change your Hyundai's filter?

Changing your vehicle's oil filter is just as important as changing and maintaining the oil level in your Hyundai vehicle.

The oil filter in your vehicle collects any excess sludge or grime that the oil catches whilst lubricating the engine, so if you don't change it, new engine oil will pass through the old filter and make it dirty and less effective.

To find out more about our Hyundai Interim Oil and Filter change, don't hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team. ​

*To all cars registered after the 1st March 2013 including i30, i40, ix35 and Santa Fe.