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At Vantage Hyundai, we are dedicated to keeping your Hyundai vehicle fully maintained so that it can perform to its highest standard at all times and pride ourselves on providing a high standard of aftersales services. As part of this, we never forget that a vital part of car maintenance is ensuring the good condition of your tyres.

As well as providing a safer, smoother driving experience and improving fuel efficiency, driving with healthy tyres is actually a legal requirement. Should you be caught driving with tyres that don't meet the legal guidelines, you could incur points on your licence as well as a hefty £2,500 fine! It is also possible that having unsteady or unreliable tyres could cause an accident.

To avoid this, contact Vantage Hyundai today and make an appointment for a tyre health check during which our manufacturer-trained engineers and technicians will fully inspect your tyres and make sure that they are well within the legal guidelines.

We also sell a comprehensive range of tyres from an extensive number of reputable brands. You can browse our selection below to find the tyres that are right for you and your vehicle, however if you are unsure don't hesitate to contact our friendly team. As a loyal Vantage customer, you can also benefit from our Vantage Tyre Price Match Guarantee - contact us to find out more.

You can plan your tyre servicing for a time that suits you by using our simple and instant booking system found below. If you have any other questions about tyre maintenance or our available tyre services, simply give us a call or visit one of our Hyundai dealerships today.