New Lexus LM

Making Luxury Personal Introducing the all-new LM, the flagship people-mover by Lexus, providing the solution to travelling in luxury. Available in both four- and seven- seat models, this vehicle is capable of carrying passenger in the utmost comfort, following the Lexus Takumi standards, making it truly worthy of limousine status. The vehicle consists of front and passenger cabins, separated by a highly soundproof screen. The cabin is illuminated by indirect, ambient lighting in the ceiling and side trim, with further ceiling-mounted spotlights and, in the four-seat model, shadow lighting at floor level. The interior can be enhanced with a wide range of different ambient lighting colour settings, include 14 shades curated in five different mood themes: Healing, Relaxing, Arousing, Focusing and Exhilarating.
Ometenashi Optimised The Lexus priority of hospitality is at the heart of the design of the LM. Ometenashi is taken to a new level with complete comfort ensured in the passenger cabin, allowing the passenger to feel entirely at home, whether they choose to relax or work on the move. In the four- seat model, there is a 48- inch widescreen HD monitor, positioned at the optimum angle for viewing; this is completed with three viewing modes: full screen, cinema and separate left and right screens showing independent content. This screen is ideal for entertainment or joining online business meetings on-the-go. In the seven- seat model, there is a 14- inch multimedia display that can be operated independently from the one in the front console.
Technology The LM is the world’s first model to provide a voice recognition function that can respond specifically to the commands of the rear seat passengers. Nanoe™-X technology helps the Climate Concierge to maintain clean and healthy air quality in the cabin. This adds microscopic water particles to the air flow which can inhibit viruses, bacteria and allergens, while also having a moisturising effect on human skin and hair.
Comfort The new seats in the LM are designed to counter head-sway, giving passengers a stable line of sight and reducing uncomfortable low- frequency vibrations. These seats improve posture, supporting the body securely from pelvis to chest and providing better pressure distribution for the lower half of the body. As well as power adjustment, heating and ventilation, there is an air lumbar support with four settings.
Performance With a 2.5- litre self- charging hybrid electric powertrain, the LM is highly powerful. This powertrain, reowned for it’s resilient performance in the NX 350h and RX 350h, provides quiet, refined performance, making the LM stand apart from other vehicles of this class. The LM is capable of 247bhp/250 DIN hp/184kW with a peak torque of 239Nm, meaning that this will be as pleasurable to drive as it is to be a passenger. Also, E-Four electronic all-wheel drive, with an increase in the level of rear drive torque distribution to give the vehicle a stable turning posture and contribute to rear seat comfort. The system can adjust the balance of front/rear drive torque between 100:0 to 20:80 to give secure handling when pulling away or cornering on loose or slippery surfaces.

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