Lexus RX

The Iconic Luxury Hybrid SUV

White Lexus RX
A Different Kind of Power From the makers of the first luxury SUV, comes the impressive fifth generation of the Lexus RX, the interior and exterior of the vehicle challenge the norms of what an SUV should be. Once inside the cabin you are greeted with exceptional craftmanship and quality, with delicate attention to detail and some of the best safety technology around. The Lexus RX really is unlike any other SUV, it boasts bold and impressive lines throughout the entire vehicle, to give passengers some of the best comfort, space and luxury you can find. This level of craftmanship is often unheard of in the crossover sector, but the Lexus RX is here to challenge our perception.
White Lexus RX Grill
Perfect for any Journey The Lexus RX features the innovative E-four drivetrain, which provides an additional 50kW electric motor mounted to the rear axle, serving instant torque on demand. This technology gives seamless performance and impressive traction on rougher terrain. Coupled with a large, spacious cabin with generous boot space to fit four large suitcases and rear seats which can partially recline, the RX is the perfect choice for any type of journey.
Lexus RX Infotainment
Innovative Technology The instrument panel can incorporate a colour head-up display, standard on the premier grade, which is able to project key information and data onto the base of the windscreen and right into the drivers eyeline, so you don’t even have to take your eyes of
White Lexus RX Rear
5 Star Safety The latest version of Lexus Safety System+ provides additional protection to help prevent an accident happening, or lessen the consequence if the vehicle is involved in an impact. The Pre-Collision System’s functionality has been increased with the new model, with pedestrian detection by day and night and daytime detection of bicyclists in the car’s path.
Lexus RX Technology
Functional Luxury In the cabin you find the perfect balance of functionality and luxury, finished with refined materials of the highest quality. The ambience is spacious while still feeling intimate, with high levels of comfort for everyone in the vehicle. In the back of the cabin the floor section is lowered to produce a seating position with lots of head and leg room. The rear seats are also easy to fold when more boot space is required using easily accessible levers by the side of the seats.

Lexus Relax

Every new and used Lexus is eligible to be covered by up to 10 years’ manufacturer warranty through Lexus Relax. A 12 months warranty is included with every Lexus Service, up to 100,000 miles or 10 years, whichever is sooner, allowing you to relax as your vehicle will be in safe hands. Terms and conditions apply.

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