Full 100 Lexus Service

in Birmingham, Leeds & Wolverhampton

Free Visual Safety Report

Free Wash and Vac

Free Hybrid Health Check*

Check all pedals and components

Check steering wheels

Check horn

Check washers/wipers

Check interior/exterior lights

Check warning lights

Inspect air conditioning/pollen filter(s)*

Check seat belts

Check floor mat security

Drain engine oil

Replace oil filter

Refill engine oil

Replace hybrid inverter coolant*

Check levels and refill as required

Inspect suspension

Inspect steering

Inspect tyres

Inspect wheels

Check and adjust tyre pressures

Inspect spare wheel/spare saver/tyre repair kit*

Inspect brake pads and discs

Torque tighten wheel nuts

Check radiator and condenser

Inspect drive belts

Check 12v battery

Recheck for fluid leaks - underside and engine bay

Recheck all levels

Reset service lights or monitor as required

Replace diesel vacuum pump*

Set next service date in media system

Check alarm and immobiliser

Check and adjust gear cables*

Inspect glass and light lenses

Replace battery(s) in locking remote(s)

Check and inspect suspension ball free play

Inspect and where necessary replace front and rear differential oils*

Inspect drive shafts boots

Inspect suspension ball joints and dust covers

Inspect fuel and brake pipes

Inspect exhaust pipes and mountings

Inspect wheel bearings

Inspect hand brake

Inspect clutch fluid*

Inspect charcoal canister*

Check fuel cap and lines

4-wheel alignment check - extra charge for adjustment

Replace brake fluid (every 2 years)

Inspect air filter - replace as required*

Replace engine coolant*

Check transmission oil*

Check transfer/differential box oil*

Lubricate prop shaft joints*

Tighten prop shaft bolts*

Conduct diesel smoke test*

Replace timing belt*

Clean airflow meter

Check valve clearances

*Model dependant​