Making the Car Buying Experience Very Pleasant.

At Vantage Motor Group we pride ourselves on putting our customers first and always listening to their exact needs so we can help them find a car which best suits their current needs and wants. All members of our team aim to please their customers and are always delighted to receive feedback whether it comes via social media, through a phone call or in the mail.

Hyundai Stockport were especially happy to receive a letter of thanks recently from Mrs Robinson who had been in previously to purchase her first Hyundai vehicle. She had been extremely impressed with the service of sales team member Brian Eaves who had guided her through the car buying process. Brian, as with all our team members, enjoys going the extra mile for his customer and helping them to feel relaxed when they are looking for a new car.

He helped Mrs Robinson through all the steps of the process, deciding which model was best for her, taking her for a test drive, getting to know the technology all the way through to watching her drive away smiling knowing that Mrs Robinson was happy with her purchase.

" I enclose a Certificate of Thanks and would grateful if you would present this to Brian Eaves for a very pleasant car buying experience at Stockport. As an elderly buyer I was very apprehensive, but was put completely at ease."

Mrs Robinson's praise however did not just stop at Brian she also went on to express her pleasure with all members of the team who she met while visiting the showroom on Yew Street in Stockport.

"All the staff I met there were extremely helpful, (especially the chappie who showed me how to use your coffee machine!)"

The whole team here at Vantage Motor Group and especially at Hyundai Stockport very extremely pleased to receive such great feedback from Mrs Robinson and to hear that she is enjoying driving her first Hyundai vehicle. The team are very much looking forward to seeing Mrs Robinson in the future and to helping her with all her car and coffee needs.

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