Three Vantage Toyota centres have challenged local bloggers to take on the MPG Challenge

So how does the challenge work?

The MPG challenge challenges people to achieve as many miles per gallon as possible and also measures what proportion of their journey was driven using electric.

The marketing team undertook the MPG challenge in the all new Yaris a few weeks ago, and things got pretty competitive! We're eager to see which of our three bloggers will come out on top as they each undertake the challenge for their respective areas.

When we took the challenge we had varied levels of experience in driving hybrid vehicles. I'm sure this will be much the same for our bloggers. Although this can't be as clear a test as when we did it, as they will be driving different routes to each other, we're hoping that they will have a bit of fun whilst doing it and fall in love with the Yaris Hybrid just as much as we have.

Miss Birmingham 2017 - Niamh Conway

Niamh has picked up the mantle for the Midlands. She is currently mid campaign to become Miss England and used the Yaris to get around town to fulfil her duties and pick up materials to create her eco-costume for the competition. She picked up her Yaris hybrid from Nigel and the team at Vantage Toyota.

Niamh tries to be as environmentally conscious as possible, she says:

"Doing your bit in helping the environment, is a very important part of the Miss England Organisation, so I’m very grateful to have been able to drive this hybrid car."

It seems Niamh and this car are made for each other. She enjoyed driving it and challenging herself to driving in eco mode as much as possible.

Niamh finished the challenge with an impressive 51.4 MPG and she managed to keep the car running on electric 66% of the time. Perhaps we have a true hybrid advocate in the making.

Laura Know's Lifestyle - Laura Moore

Fighting for the white rose of Yorkshire we have Laura Moore of Laura Know's Lifestyle. We were impressed with Laura's blog about the C-HR back at the start of the year so wanted to see what she could bring to the MPG challenge.

Laura actually owns an older model Yaris so we can't wait to see what she thinks of all the new features available in the new model. She borrowed her Yaris from the long-time Laura fans at Vantage Toyota York.

Laura has recently announced that she is pregnant with her first child so, more than ever, it will be important for her to think about ways to save her lovely family money. Laura scored a substantial 61 MPG so she's definitely on the right track and with the extensive safety features in the all new Yaris maybe she has found her perfect match.

Who's the Mummy? - Sally Whittle

In the red corner for Lancashire we have Sally from 'Who's the Mummy?'. Sally is a new blogger for us here at Vantage so we're excited to see what she's going to have to say about our Yaris Hybrid. 

Sally picked up her car for the weekend from Vantage Toyota Preston where Ian and his team were intrigued to see where she would rank against the others.

Sally blogs about her life with her 11 year old daughter Flea (pictured). They used their car to go about their weekend chores and adventures with their dog Teddy.

Our Toyota Preston team were happy to divulge Sally's scores to me and congratulate her on a fantastic score. She achieved a massive 65.6 MPG meaning that Lancashire are top of of the table!

To conclude....

Because our competitors were competing in very different environments there are too many measures that we can't control in order to make this experiment conclusive. Traffic, inclines, motorway driving etc will all have an affect on your MPG but having an awareness of how your driving can affect this is crucial in getting the best economy from your car.

All of our subjects achieved impressive MPG scores in addition to significant periods running on electric alone, notably Niamh's 66% electric drive.

More importantly all of our competitors enjoyed their experience driving the Yaris. With each of them having very different needs in a car it's interesting to see that it ticks so many boxes across the board. More than that i'm confident that even if the Yaris doesn't end up being their next car of choice that hybrid technology is going to be at the forefront of their minds. With Toyota being ahead of the crowd in promoting and developing their hybrid vehicles, they know where to find us when that time comes.