Citroën 24 Hour Test Drive

Are you looking for a new car? Do you want to take a car for a proper spin before you consider it? Well, here at Vantage Citroën we have the perfect thing for you!

We're offering the opportunity to have a 24 hour test drive of any car you would like! Take it where you want, show it off to who you want or just admire it on your driveway, it's completely up to you. This is an offer exclusively for October, so don't delay and contact your local Vantage Citroën today!

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24 hours test drives available at Participating Dealer(s) on all Citroën models from 1st October to 31st October 2015 and are subject to availability.
Up to three test drives of 24 hours can be taken, subject to availability, insurance/operational requirements and acceptance/discretion of Participating Dealers. The test drive period is for up to 24 hours from the time of vehicle collection. The vehicle must be returned at the agreed date and time which will be within working hours fixed by your Participating Dealer.
All drivers must be 21 years old or over, hold a current valid full UK or EEA driving licence for at least 12 months, have not have accumulated more than 8 penalty points in three years, not be employed as a professional entertainer or as a professional sportsperson. Drivers also must not have been disqualified from driving during the last 3 years, involved in more than 2 at fault accidents or claims in the last 3 years, convicted of any criminal offence in the last 5 years or have any police prosecutions or enquiries pending. Excess may apply. Check with your Participating Dealer for any differing requirements.
By taking part in any test drive drivers agree to be bound by any additional restrictions/conditions imposed by Citroën and the Participating Dealer, including for vehicle condition/use and payment of penalties/fines.
Test drives exclude the cost of fuel and any non-replaced fuel may be charged by Participating Dealers.
Any property carried or left in the vehicle is at the driver’s own risk. Drivers must ensure that any personal belongings are removed from the vehicle at the end of the test, as the Participating Dealer will not be held liable for any loss or damage to them. No accessories or parts are to be removed from or affixed to the vehicle. The driver will be responsible for payment of any congestion charges and fixed penalty fines incurred during the test drive.
Participating Dealers reserve the right to decline or withdraw/terminate the extended test drive and its use at any time without prior notice. Ask your Participating Dealer for details.
By taking part in a test drive, drivers agree to their personal data being used by Citroen and relevant Participating Dealers, agents or sub-contractors to administer and follow up on test drives and for other purposes as set out in the Citroen privacy policy.