Even though Christmas is over the weather conditions are likely to remain cold and wet for the next few weeks; we recommend you avoid driving in snowy and icy conditions but we understand that some journeys are unavoidable. Here are our tips to stay safe when driving in snow:

Essential Tips for Driving in Winter from Vantage Motor Group​

  • When pulling off start in second gear and ease off gently.
  • Try to maintain a consistent speed and keep your movements smooth.
  • Avoid skidding by not turning or braking too sharply.
  • In the event you do skid take both your feet off the pedals and steer yourself to safety.
  • Stay well back from the car in front as stopping distances can be 10 times greater than on dry roads.
  • Brake gently and well in advance.
  • If you are driving up a hill, wait until it is clear of other vehicles to avoid stopping/ starting halfway.
  • If you are driving down a hill, go very slowly and remain in a low gear. In case of slipping stay well back from the car in front.
  • Always drive as safely as possible and don’t rush.
  • Get your car fitted with Winter Tyres before the weather drops below 7 degrees.

In case of an accident, we suggest you always carry the following with you:

  • A First Aid Kit and Blankets.
  • Emergency Triangle and High Vis clothing
  • Jump Leads/ Tow Rope.
  • Mobile Phone with a portable charger.
  • Plenty of Fuel.

If you drive an automatic car take the same precautions but remember you may have less control on slippery surfaces as with some models you can’t force your car into a low gear. Stay alert, drive slowly and don’t break sharply- this will help you to stay in control and remain safe on the roads.

Also, if the weather conditions are especially bad, consider whether the journey is essential, or whether it can wait till the bad weather conditions have cleared up.

ŠKODA Winter Check

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