Frozen Screen Wash

In Winter we often find ourselves needing to clear our windscreens more often, snow and ice on the roads can reduce our vision. When the temperature drops the water added to a screen wash solution can freeze; leaving the screen wash motor running for longer than the recommended time can cause the motor to burn out.

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Why Frozen Screen Wash is a Problem and How to Prevent It, from Vantage Motor Group

Start at the source of the problem, preventing screen wash from freezing in the bottle can prevent any issues entirely. Mixing your screen wash with a higher concentration of screen wash solution reduces the chances of it freezing- most brands recommend a 50/50 water-to-screen wash ratio in winter.

In the event you find your screen wash is frozen, it is imperative you don’t leave the screen wash motor running for more than a few seconds, as this is likely to cause the washer motor or fuse to blow. Instead, you can try to add hot (not boiling) water to your screen wash, but only after your engine has warmed up and thawed out the pipes and jets.

Limit misuse of windscreen wipers- if you are clearing snow and ice off your windshield always use a scraper, the heater from inside the vehicle and de-icer (it is not recommended to use boiling water, as this can cause your windscreen to crack in low temperatures). You can also prevent tears in your wiper blades by not using them to clear snow and ice off your windshields. This will help to maintain their integrity for longer and increase their effectiveness at clearing your windshield on the road- decreasing overall strain on the motor fuse.

Our advice always remains to check your wipers as well as your tyre's tread depth and pressure before a winter journey, catching problems before you set off is much safer and more convenient. In case of an emergency always carry warm clothes, a blanket and a first aid kit, to keep yourself warm and dry whilst you wait for roadside assistance.

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We offer a tailored Vantage Winter Check from just £24.99- so you can drive with peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is optimised to keep you and your passengers safe. Please never hesitate to contact us if you think your car is being affected by the issues mentioned above, our service team will be on hand to advise and assist you.

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