New Vehicle Delivery Delays

Due to global supply chain issues the automotive industry are currently experiencing delays on the delivery of new vehicles. This supply issue was bought about by a shortage of semiconductor chips and other parts which was further compounded by the impact Coronavirus has had on production.

We feel very lucky that with nine Toyota centres that Toyota have avoided production interruptions until now due to the measures taken following experience with production interruptions in the past. Toyota ensured that they had a large stockpile of these vulnerable parts but they now recognise the need to slow down production to be able to manage their ability to supply new cars.

Thankfully, like Toyota, many of our manufacturers made steps to limit the impact for our customers to date. As the supply chain issues persist, we want to get ahead of future delivery issues by encouraging our Vantage customers to visit our teams or contact us digitally if your finance agreement ends before 31st of December 2022.

By booking an account review with us now, we can ensure that everyone is well prepared ahead of the end of your current agreement. Our teams will walk you through your options and assist you in making the best decision for your situation. We want to ensure you know what your plan of action is when the time comes that your agreement runs out.

Our knowledgeable teams are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about your agreement, or to tell you about the brilliant range of vehicles we have available, but in the meantime, you might find the answer you are looking for in our FAQ's section here.

As ever, our teams will be working hard to keep you updated with the progress of your order and any other changes that you need to be aware of.

Contact our teams today to book your account review.