New Vehicle Delays Explore our frequently asked question about how the supply delays on new vehicles might affect you. When you need us, we're here to help.

New Vehicle Delays FAQs

My current agreement is due to end before the delivery of my new car, what should I do?


If you are coming to the end of your agreement within the next 12 months, it is essential that we speak to you directly. Our manufacturer partners have measures in place to assist with your finance agreement and ensure your motoring is not disrupted while you await a longer delivery time on your next vehicle. Please contact your local Vantage dealership and our team will be able to take you through the options available to you.

Can I extend my current finance agreement?


If you have ordered a new car and there is a delay between your current agreement ending and the new car arriving, your finance provider may have processes in place to help. The options available may vary depending on how long you have left on your agreement, the length of the delay, and be subject to an accepted proposal on a new vehicle. Vantage and our manufacturer partners are committed to doing everything we can to minimise the impact on our customers and to keep you on the road.

Will my Guaranteed Future Value be affected by the delays?


Our manufacturer partners are working hard to protect our customers from any financial impact caused by the delays. This may include allowing you to finance your Guaranteed Future Value and extending your contracted mileage, securing your part-exchange valuation, and honouring the finance deal offered at the point of order. Vantage are on hand to assist you with finding the right solution for you.

I'm not due to change my car yet, why should I order early?


With the current delays to new car delivery, ordering early is the best way to ensure you get the car you really want. Plus, it means you avoid any unexpected delays or issues when your agreement is due to end. You can find out more about what is causing the industry-wide delays for new vehicles by reading our news story here.

What if I need to buy a car now?


If you need to purchase a vehicle now, we may be able to source the right car for you from a selected stock of ready-built models. Alternatively, we have an excellent range of quality nearly new and used cars available across our group stock with competitive finance rates available. Browse our stock here.

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