Introducing the All-New GR Yaris

There has been incredible support for the launch of the All-New GR Yaris which is now available to order and test drive at many of our centres. The GR Yaris takes driving to a whole new level with its motorsport technology, 257 BHP and ability to accelerate from 0-62 MPH in 5.5 seconds. These are just a handful of reasons why we think the GR Yaris is so great and provides a terrific insight into the future of Toyota. Prices start from £29,995, making the GR Yaris great value for money. This new Toyota model was highly anticipated and has met and exceeded all expectations. Not only have our lucky customers who have already received their GR Yaris raved about its speed and agility, but it has also been highly regarded in many press reviews.

Autocar rated it five stars, noting that the “Yaris might be the most exciting addition to the hot hatchback market in a decade.”-

Auto Express gave the GR Yaris an overall rating of 4.5/5, expressing that “it’s one of the most exciting cars you can drive this side of £35,000, and as fast as a supercar on the right road.”-

Top Gear gave this car an overall rating of 10/10 and regarded it as “the best Toyota we’ve ever driven.”-

PistonHeads reviewed the GR Yaris and stated that “Christmas has come early. It’s brilliant.”-

The Daily Telegraph gave the GR Yaris a rating of 5/5 and claimed, “this sensational special project takes the hot hatchback crown.”-

The GR Yaris is available to order now. You can also book a test drive at one of our centres so you can experience the thrill of a Gazoo Racing car first-hand. Our friendly team are happy to help with any enquiries, so please get in touch for more details. We would love to know what you think of the All-New GR Yaris so get in touch with us on social media or email with your own review of this fantastic new car.