Motability Matters at Hyundai Stockport...​

We make every single customer our priority at Vantage Hyundai Stockport, and Motability customers are no exception. Therefore we were delighted to receive this fabulous email from Mrs Sumerfield after picking up her brand new Hyundai Tucson. Take a read...

On Saturday 21 November 2015, my husband and myself visited your Showroom in Stockport to browse your vehicle collection. We were greeted by a very pleasant young salesman, who after establishing I was a Motability customer, went to get the salesman I needed to help me.Well, what can I say??? STEVE BENNETT was the nicest, friendliest and helpful salesman I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.

My disability is very new to me and I find a lot of car salespeople extremely patronising, who seem to find it necessary to speak to me in a tone of voice like I am deaf AND stupid! I have even been whisked away into a "side room" by 1 dealership, who gave me the impression I needed to go into hiding, away from the other customers...I have a spinal injury, not 3 heads!!!

After a good chat with Steve and a look round, we decided to return the following week for a test drive. Unfortunately, I couldn't wait that long and we returned the day after! Steve once again greeted us in the most lovely manner and we were taken for our drive. On our return, he made us a brew, checked the system, found the vehicle required and placed our order. Done and dusted with no hassle at all and without me being made to feel like an alien.

Today we have collected my new car and once again, Steve was an absolute asset to your Company. The handover was done so well and clearly (and a giggle or 2) and I actually felt quite sad that my "Steve" experience was over!

Wishing you and Steve and the team a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2016.

Very best wishes
Mrs Lynne Sumerfield (& Rick, the hubster)


Thank you so much Mrs Sumerfield (& Rick, the hubster) for choosing Vantage Hyundai Stockport and for the great feedback, we always try our best to make our customers feel valued and it is nice to hear about it! If you need assistance with your next vehicle please visit Hyundai Stockport for a first class customer experience.